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IIchikawa Japanese Language Institute has 32 years achievements and trust worthiness.

And kindly teaching with good experience.

Trust with choose us about Japanese Language education. !


Reason for choosing our school!

Thorough guidance by reliable teachers.

Our school has a good history in Chiba prefecture.We have good achievements teaching of many international students, Resident students in Japan and short term students,and confident on our teaching way which is easy to understand upon every courses.All our teachers have Japanese Language teaching qualification. 

100% of our students who intend to learn continously to Japanese Universities or Vocational schools. We also offer JLPT preparation lessons such as for N1,N2 as well as guidance for higher education or employment for those who wishes.

We hope that our students never forget their enthusiasm and kindness, and by doing as a bridge between Japan and their mother countries!

Upon Student's japanese level, classes are divided.

There are students with various goals, such as first-time Japanese language learners, those who have self-study and then can speak a little, those who want to improve their daily-conversation skills up, or those who want to learn for higher education or employment. At our school, we'll check your Japanese language level when the time of admission and take classes that match with your level.

We have 15 to 20 classes and 10 to 20 students per class. We identify our students’ goals by conducting summary tests regularly.

We give completion/graduation certificates upon your enrollment period (more than half a year) and attendance rate accordingly.

A lot of Events and Japanese culture experiences.

Not only learning in Japanese language. First-hand experience of manner and Japanese culture is also important for living in Japan.

Various options at our cultural festival, such as Calligraphy, Ikebana, Kimono Wearing,Visit to Edo Museum, Zazen Practise, (Manga)Comic book reading, and Kimekomi-doll making. More over, many events such as sports day, speech contest, Yukata wearing, Halloween, ski trip, Tokyo Disneyland, barbecue and etc.

Very good assess!

Our school is located at the center of Ichikawa city, next to Tokyo. Very convenient location within a 5-minute walk from Motoyawata Station (Yawata Station) on the JR Sobu Line, Keisei Line, and Toei Shinjuku Line.

Due to around station buildings,shopping malls and supermarkets, etc. it’s very convenient to go shopping on the way.

Resident Course

This class is for those who already live in Japan and hold a valid visa. Check your Japanese language level, get into a class that matches your level and attend lessons every weekday. It’s a basic course which you expect good results if you attend class regularly and work hard.

We have many classes, start from a beginner level class that study hiragana and katakana, up to N1 level, so you can take a class that match you perfectly.

We give a completion/graduation certificate upon the enrollment period is 6 months to 1 year and the attendance rate is 80% or more.

There is a discount on tuition fees for the months that have long vacations such as spring, summer and winter. One-day trial classes and Japanese language level checks are always free, so don’t forget to use them! 



Pamphlet for Resident Course
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Class Schedules

[Intermediate and Advanced Level Class]

Monday to Friday - 08:50 to 12:30  

[Beginner Level Class]

Monday to Friday - 13:20 to 17:00

Tuition Fees

Admission fee 20,000 yen (free within campaign period!)

Tuition fee 44,000 yen / month (payment for the first 3 months) 


※There will be a 10% discount if tuition fee for 3 months or more is paid in Advance

Textbook cost - As per actual price

Application Procedure

① Please contact us by phone or email. The one-day trial is always free.

② Please bring the following two things.

🔷2 photos (length 4 cm x width 3 cm)

🔷Passport copy and copy of residence card.

③ Take the Japanese language level check and start studying! 

Private course

Here, you can take a one-on-one class (multiple people are also allowed, so you can attend with friends) that focuses on conversational skills. You can study as per your goal and type, whether it’s kanji, japanese polite form , N2 preparation, job hunting preparation, etc.You can practice what you are not good in japanese, as many times as you want.This course is also recommended for businessmen.

Besides, we also accept requests to some extent, such as regarding about time and day. The location can be either our school’s classroom or your house (if it’s at your house, you have to pay the teacher's transportation fee). Please also discuss us if you would like study via web lesson on Zoom. 

Class Schedules

90 minutes x 10 classes
(discussion on time and day as required)

Tuition Fees


Tuition fee 51,000 yen (for 10 times in total) 

If there are multiple people like you and your friends, then it will be as follows.

No. of students Tuition fees Textbook Extension (30 mins)
1 51,000 yen / person Actual price 1,500 yen / person
2 36,000 yen / person Actual price 1,000 yen / person
3 27,000 yen / person Actual price 800 yen / person

How to apply

1. Please let us know the day, time and study topic/details.

2. We will contact you as soon as a teacher is assigned.

3. Please pay the tuition fee in advance for 10 times.


It’s near the station and you can use any of the 3 railways! Best location!

On JR Sobu Line, 4-minute walk from Motoyawata Station, 5-minute walk From Keisei Yawata Station, and on Toei Shinjuku Line, 5-minute walk from Motoyawata Station.

With Ichikawa City Hall and the International Exchange Association closeby, very convenient location. Due to around station buildings,shopping malls and supermarkets, etc. it’s very convenient to go shopping on the way to and from classes. 

Following are time taken from Motoyawata to the nearest station,
西船橋 Nishi-funabashi → 4minutes
津田沼 Tsudanuma → 13 minutes
秋葉原 Akihabara → 23 minutes
上野 Ueno → 24 minutes
日暮里 Nippori → 20 minutes
浦安 Urayasu → 13 minutes

Student Messages

Thought me the importance of studying in everyday.

I live in Japan with my family. When I studied in Ichikawa Japanese Language Institute, I started reading hiragana and katakana, but after studying here for a year and a half, I was able to pass N2 and easy to get more work. The teachers teaching in very kind and easy-to-understand. They give me support many things whenever have problems. Kanji was difficult at first, but once I understood the meaning and form, it became happy to learn! There are many points that you cannot understand when you study by yourself, it would be more important to go to school for your studying everyday.(Mr. R, India)

Conversation with Japanese people became happily.

I came to Japan because of my husband's job transfer. When I was difficult to understand Japanese language at my kid's hospital or the government office, I saw a post on a customer reviews website and got admission into this school. There were students from various countries such as China, India, Myanmar, and Mongolia, and since we were all at the same level of Japanese language, we became friends easily. While studying Japanese, the teachers made the theme and goal clear, so we were able to progress steadily and it became happily to talk with Japanese people. Now, I want to focus on learning "respectful language", so I’m considering private lessons as well. (Ms. Natasha, Russia)


From guidance for higher education up to fun events

I live in Japan because of my parents' work. I studied at Ichikawa Japanese Language Institute because I wanted to enter a university in Tokyo. Since this school is well established and has a proven track record of many international students progressing to higher education, I received precise advice and help on my goals while choosing a school. After achieving N1 level, thanks to their help with Japanese-style interview practice and guidance on writing applications, I was able to pass without problems and enter into the university of my choice. My parents couldn’t believe it! I also treasure my various experiences at school events such as going to Disneyland, wearing Yukata, writing calligraphy, etc. (Ms. Wang, China)

First time life style in abroad

Around January 2013, I went abroad as a first time and came to Japan to study abroad. At that time, I wasn't very good in Japanese, and I didn't understand the meaning even of the word "Daijobu" which is "okay". I thought it was really hard because I don't have any vietnamese friend. However, the teachers from Ichikawa Japanese Language Institute taught not only Japanese, but also supported my life in various ways. Thanks to the easy-to-understand instruction, I was able to pass the JLPT Japanese Language Proficiency Test (N2 level) in about a year and a half. I am currently working in Japan. Thanks to what I learned at Ichikawa Japanese Language Institute for the first two years, I am able to live my life now and feel that my living environment is more comfortable. I like Japan and Ichikawa Japanese Language Institute very much.(DOAN VAN DUNG , VIET NAM)



【Download】Pamphlet for Resident Course
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メモ: * は入力必須項目です

At Ichikawa Japanese Language Institute, we offer support in English, Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, Thai, Russian, Myanmar, Czech, and Spanish. Please feel free to contact us for enquiries!


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